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By R. Schrack

1 Rep Fitness

Jon Benson, author of the best-selling Fit Over 40 and Every Other Day Diet, has teamed up with French fitness guru Fabrice Rinaldi to bring you a unique training course. Using moderate weight and quick sets of 1 rep each, you can sculpt a whole a whole new body in weeks! Each weekly workout is delivered right to your inbox, so there's no "skipping ahead" or cheating on this plan! This is a great workout done in a short period of time!

This package also includes Craig Ballantyne's " Turbulence Training for Abs" eBook.

7 Minute Muscle

Jon Benson has spent years developing this revolutionary program that he guarantees will build muscle and cut fat in just minutes a day. The program is based on Escalating Density Training, developed by legendary strength coach Charles Staley, and is backed by several university studies. It consists of three levels of training (basically 1, 2, or 3 cycles of 7 minutes) performed 5 days a week, along with 3 cardio sessions of 9 minutes each.  That's a TOTAL of about an hour a week!  You spend that much time waiting in line at Starbuck's (and ditching the super grande triple chocolate iced coffee concoction won't hurt either)!  

If you're short on time and looking for an efficient muscle building program, this is a great option. It's brief, but it's NOT easy training.

Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle

This is the BEST guide to natural fat loss that you can possibly find. Tom Venuto teaches you how your body burns fat, how to kick start your metabolism, and just what it takes to make sure you keep the lean muscle on your body.  You'll learn how many calories your body REALLY needs to keep out of "starvation mode" (which is the reason most low calorie diets FAIL) and what & when to eat so you're NEVER HUNGRY!

This program is NOT an overnight weight loss solution. It WILL however, teach you everything you need to know to lose fat and keep it off. It worked to strip 35 pounds of fat off of me, I KNOW it can work for you too! I couldn't be MORE impressed with this program!!

No Nonsense Muscle Building

Vince Delmonte's #1 ranked Muscle Building Program. Included is his 4 week "Upside Down Training" program, 29 Week Beginner weight training program, and the 29 Week Advanced lifting program.

His "Upside Down" training is a rather unique bodyweight program designed to condition your body... one might even call it brutal.  It should be done before starting ANY weight program!

The Beginner Program is broken down into 3 week segments with different set/rep schemes and different exercises each of the 3 days that you workout. Each workout is designed to be done in under an hour and does take some discipline to do the exercises properly.

The meal plans make keeping on track a snap (esp with the extra plans included in the upgrade!).  The stretching program is phenomenal... even if most people (including me) HATE to do it!


Warp Speed Fat Loss

Mike Rousell and Alwyn Cosgrove team up to shatter the myth that you can only lose 1-2 pounds per week without sacrificing muscle. This is an incredibly intense program that combines strength training, high impact interval training, and a strict carb-cycling diet. The goal? Up to 21 pounds of FAT loss in 28 days. If you have less to lose, you may find yourself done with this plan in a week or two. However, this plan requires 100% commitment for 28 days... that's it. If you have more to lose and are extremely motivated, they do say that you can take a day off, then repeat the 28 days cycle, but then you MUST go off the program.

This is not a long term diet, but one designed to shed body fat quickly so you can get on with your life!