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  • This is a 1400 Calorie diet that would be suitable for most females trying to lose weight & flatten her tummy.

  • This is an 1800 Calorie diet that would be suitable for most men trying to lose weight & get ripped abs.

  • Here's a couple of quick 4 minute workouts designed to boost the metabolism & burn some extra fat. Both can be done in addition to your current training.

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  • Who am I and why am I here? Isn't that the question we ALL ask ourselves?

  • Fat Loss, Fitness, and other articles related to building great six pack abs

  • Tips to help your diet efforts succeed

  • Why Fat Loss for Idiots is not a healthy choice.

  • With a million diet & exercise programs on the market, it's hard to sort through them all. Here's a little help to choose the right one for you.

  • Is the secret to great abs doing thousands of crunches? Nope! Here's how to find the right ab workout for you.

  • Vince Delmonte's Six Pack Quest is a program designed to give you the six pack abs you've always wanted. Six Pack Abs in Six Months - Guaranteed!

  • Overtraining can be disasterous to your progress. Find out the signs, symptoms, AND the cure for training too hard.

  • The fat NOBODY likes to see... and the kind that never wants to leave! Here's some tips to getting rid of that 'ol spare tire.

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  • Sample diets from Vince DelMonte's Six Pack Quest program.

  • What you really need to focus on to get six pack abs... and it's NOT endless crunches or other ab work!