Cutting Fat!


Recommended Products

R. Schrack

Here are some other products that can help with this program or any other weight training regiment you might use.

 Mark Rippetoe wrote the book on proper lifting form. If you're new to free weight training or, like myself, just want to learn what we've been doing wrong all these year, this is the book for you. It goes into incredible detail on the big compound lifts like Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press, Power Clean, & Military Press - The foundations of ANY worthwhile lifting program!  This is a great reference to have on hand before starting any of the weight training programs above!
Believe me, after reading it, I'm amazed any of us have knees left after squatting in high school! (of course that may be why I needed knee surgery 2 years ago)

When you get into deadlifts of a few hundred pounds or more, it can really take it's toll on your wrists.  Personally, I developed tendinosis several years ago, and a flareup can take me out of action for weeks.  Using these Versa Gripps takes all the pressure off the wrists, ensuring that all your lifting efforts are targetting the correct muscles.  Works great for deadlifts, bent over rows, chinups, and any other "Pull" motion!