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Unless you're under 20 years old, it takes a certain kind of person to have 6-Pack abs. Usually, they're the ones blessed with incredible genes who can eat anything in sight without gaining an ounce. For the rest of us, it's hard... DAMN Hard! But, Vince Delmonte's 6-Pack Quest is about to level the playing field.

Now, if you think you can get a great 6-pack just by working your abs, taking a pill, or using some magic device, YOU'RE DEAD WRONG! You need to crank up you metabolism and burn the fat off your body to let the muscle show through! That's exactly what this program will do for you with it's combination of a solid diet, intense cardio, and explosive weight training!

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What I REALLY  think of this program

The ebook actually starts off with 15 reasons you'll FAIL to achieve this goal. BUT, if you have the desire, the commitment, and the drive, you WILL get there. Now, let me say up front, you'll definitely lose weight with this program, but that's not really what it's designed to do. This program was designed to get you into incredible physical shape & give you the ultimate symbol of fitness, 6-Pack Abs. If you're just looking to lose weight and keep it off, check out Tom Venuto's Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. It's not nearly as intense (and perhaps more forgiving in terms of compliance), but it's extremely effective for general fat loss.

If you're serious about getting a 6-Pack FAST, KEEP READING!

To get you going, chapter 2 covers motivation. WHY do you want this? Will you have support to get there? How can you change your mindset to make it happen? You will learn what it takes to keep yourself from straying too far.

Weight Training

The workouts include a 3 Day beginner program to jump start your metabolism, a 4 day intermediate program, and a 5 day advance program that may just make mortal men cry. The 3 Day program includes a lot of dumbbell & body weight exercises, along with high/low pully work. The 4 & 5 Day routines include more barbell work. The routines are definitely meant to be done in a gym, but certainly can be done at home with a power rack/lat tower, a weight set, & a bench. Oh, a stability ball is a MUST with this package! Every exercise is shown step by step in the videos. Vince also encourages you to change things up to keep it fresh. Don't be a slave to reps, sets, tempos, or other structure that might distract you from the intensity. And that's what it's all about - INTENSITY! These are fast paced workouts designed to push your body to the edge and FORCE it to burn fat! If you're not soaked at the end of the workout, you didn't work hard enough - it's that simple.


The Razor Sharp Abdominal Cardio Workout is meant to be done on days that you're not lifting, although you do have the option of doing it after your weight routine (if you have anything left in you!). Basically these are split routines with two cardio workouts separated by one of six ab circuits. You start out at 15 minutes for each cardio session and work your way up to 30 minutes each. There are 11 cardio workouts included, with 5 of them designed to be done on a 400m track. I can't really call them all interval training routines, but they're close. These take about 45 minutes as a beginner, working up to about 75 minutes in the advanced stages.


This chapter may upset a few people by grading the foods you eat! Obviously the worse the grade, the less you should eat it. Of course anything with an 'F' grade should be avoided at all cost! (I'd bet you already know most of those!) I was surprised to see the caloric intake requirements. You start out around your maintenance requirement, then progressively decrease calories as more of your abs show. You never drop calories so far down that your body goes into starvation mode. The included meals plans work best if your not too picky an eater and they include weekly shopping lists. No big surprise that the plans are heavy in lean meats (chicken, turkey, salmon, etc), big on veggies, and aim for the omega-3 fats. No low-carb, low-fat, or other restrictive diets either - these are balanced meal plans! Plus he covers adjustments to the plans for your body type.


No surprises here, either. Vince has always advocated the basics - multivitamins, fish oils, protein powder, and if you must, creatine & branch chain amino acids. But he stresses that these are SUPPLEMENTS. These are not magic pills, but additions to a balanced diet. Anything that promises to do the work for you is likely a waste of money.

Lifestyle change?

Since getting and keeping 6-Pack abs really does require a change of life for most of us, it's covered in chapter 7. What needs to change in my life to allow me to reach my goals? How will this affect my 6-pack quest? You will ask yourself that question a LOT! It will help your choices when eating out, drinking, smoking, etc... you get the picture.

Other Parts of the Package

Tons of useful stuff comes along with the eBook. The Virtual Trainer lets you find alternate exercises for each body part to work around the equipment you may have on hand. It's a GREAT tool to adapt the workouts for home! The 4 Week Bodyweight program lets your tune up your entire body before adding the stress of weight training. The 24x7 Fitness Coach is a rather large database of questions that have been asked (with answers of course). And I must say, the Workout DVDs really came in handy when I saw a few exercises listed in the workouts that left me scratching my head. Seeing them in action was great!

Overall, Your 6-Pack Quest is one impressive package!
In the hands of a motivated person, it really will get you 6-Pack abs in 6 months.